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Quint knew he was born for the sea. At age thirteen he ran away from home and stowed away on a fishing boat, undiscovered until they were halfway out to sea. He never looked back. In the years that followed he was on the water more then land and was taught everything there was to learn about seamanship. By his early twenty’s, he was owner and captain of his own fishing boat  and admiring crew, on his way to a successful career in the fishing industry. At that point in his adventurous life, something happened that changed Quint’s viewpoint irrevocably. He had established a deep bond of loyalty and friendship with a crewmate named Dirk. After numerous voyages as comrades they were more like brothers. The fog was thick on the stormy sea, after hours of brutal pounding the men were exhausted. Working to secure the rigging Dirk lost his balance and fell overboard into the shark infested waters as Quint watched helpless and stunned! Unable to save his friend as a thirty foot great white shark devoured him. From that point on, Quint had a new mission in life….to rid the seas of every great white he could track down. Now he is sixty seven years old and know as the consummate shark killer!”

We offer fine art giclee prints on demand (black & white and color) on premium, archival quality photo paper using archive quality inks; an affordable way to own original fine art! All paintings (sold and unsold) are available as a print.  The originals of the images designated “print only” are sold therefore they are ONLY available as a print (displayed in “giclee print” section).

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