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Ramon Sanchez

Ramon was born in Cuba in 1950, the son of veteran cigar maker Sancho. His mother passed on when he was but an infant, leaving him to work in the fields alongside his padre. He learned under Sancho’s expert tutelage the fi ne art of premium cigar making and soon became the obvious heir apparent of his father’s place as master cigar craftsman. When his father passed on and the Cuban embargo came into effect, Ramon smuggled himself and some tobacco seeds out of the country, ending up in Honduras. Within a few years he had amazingly established a thriving business producing what connoisseurs worldwide acclaim as the ultimate stogie on the planet. He now has factories in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Ecuador, making him a multimillionaire and the quintessential hedonist. Sense pleasures are the goal of life for Ramon. Vintage, aged wines crowd the wine cellar in his Honduran mansion. He sips exquisite imported coffees. He dines exclusively at the fi nest restaurants for usually $300 a plate. He has been blessed with an unusually large palate to savor all these delicacies with. Cigars remain his prime pleasure and he has recently accomplished the supreme achievement of his career; an abundant robusto custom made for his massive oral orifice. It has a ring gauge of 14 inches. When puffi ng the astounding girth of this masterpiece such volumes of second hand smoke billow forth that Ramon has had to install super powerful exhaust ventilation into his home, otherwise vision and breathing is difficult.”

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