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Rita Looks Up

Rita looks up. That’s all there is to it. If she loses something she tells herself she can always gain something better. If any unforeseen mishaps come her way, she looks up to the fact that the future is a blank slate. “Tomorrow’s another day”. Any situation can unpredictably turn around. If her health is going through an issue, she looks up to a healthy future. If her funds are low she looks up to unlimited possibilities. To Rita, change isn’t cause for depression but for elation, meaning that your never really “stuck” in any mess you might find yourself in. Rita is a human equivalent of a rubber ball; she might hit bottom but never stays there. Rita’s buoyancy is downright irritating to some pragmatic “realists” and others might see her as a naive optimist. It’s a matter of opinion, but one thing is sure… it makes her happy.”

We offer fine art giclee prints on demand (black & white and color) on premium, archival quality photo paper using archive quality inks; an affordable way to own original fine art! All paintings (sold and unsold) are available as a print.  The originals of the images designated “print only” are sold therefore they are ONLY available as a print (displayed in “giclee print” section).

(see price guide under “About Us/ Pricing” section)


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