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Shannon O'Killian

Shannon was always a frail, sickly girl and was dealt a tragic blow when at the age of ten she was in an accident while on a carriage ride with her mother. A snake in the road caused the horse to spook and the carriage toppled over crushing them both, killing her mother. It permanently crippled Shannon. Ever since that day Shannon has been graced with a mysterious gift. While her small body has been confined to a chair for life, her spirit has seemingly been set free to visit higher realms. Also since that sad event she has radiated serenity and healing power that seems to focus in her large hypnotic eyes. Many poor lame souls have come to visit her and within an hour walk away whole again. This of course has made Shannon well known in her area. The frequently asked question is”where does this ability come from?”. To this she enigmatically smiles and points to the key hanging around her neck and to the drawer beside her, indicating the answer is within.

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