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One word sums up Skylar: “spontaneous” . She’s aware of the inevitable plans that arise in her head but with Skylar they’re never “carved in stone”. For instance, she plans on seeing “American Idol” on T.V. tonight and she plans on transferring funds from her variable CD to a money market savings, but this might change if the impulse of the moment over-rides . She feels her plans can always be vetoed by invisible mandates LIFE is dictating from behind the scenes. To her, those are REALLY calling the shots. She’s happy with this arrangement and believes her spontaneous feelings are the way LIFE is delivering its current directive. A case in point: instead of watching T.V. tonight she goes online and applies for “American Idol” and when her CD matures she feels like pulling all her money out and investing in wireless stock. Does this make her irresponsibly aimless? Maybe so…maybe not. But at a certain point in her future Skylar has appeared on “American Idol”, won a recording contract, and is the biggest sensation on You Tube. At another point in time she has accrued enough capital from her wireless stock to invest in a lucrative production company and beachfront property ( which she rents netting a respectable income). Skylar doesn’t “over-think” or indulge in regret. The words “ought”, “should”, “must”, and “have to” do not occupy her vocabulary. She is totally secure letting spontaneity guide her present course.

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