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Suzette Rouge

Suzette Rouge, another daughter of “Madame Rouge” and twin sister of Paulette Rouge , always seemed a bit rebellious. Suzette lived her life her way, a little on the wild side. As a child, she had a fascination for the country western lifestyle and especially anything connected with the rodeo. Whenever she could get away from “LA BOUTIQUE ROUGE”, the family business located in Paris France, Suzette would vacation on a dude ranch, usually in Texas, where during a previous trip she was taught the art of bull riding and roping cattle. Each year, months before Suzette would leave on her trip, her sisters would help fashion cowgirl outfits with matching hats. The wild creations were real show stoppers! Suzette dreamed of attracting the attention of a handsome cowboy and fantasized about walking down the aisle with all her seventeen sisters as “cowgirl” maids of honor. As her wonderful week came to a close, she called for a taxi and headed for the airport. As if by some cosmic act of destiny, Suzette found herself seated next to a tall Texas cowboy traveling with his country western singing group “RIO BRAVO”. By the time Suzette reached Paris, she knew in her heart of hearts they had fallen madly in love!!

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