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The Ricardos

In many ways Ricky and Lucy Ricardo are the prototype 1950’s sitcom couple, but in other ways they stand out as unique. Lucy’s appearance isn’t unlike Beaver’s mom, or Donna Reed with her pearl necklace, earrings, pert hair, and apron over a stylish outfi t, but her bright hair color, bugging blue eyes, and dark red lipstick distinguish her as the quintessential clown of the bunch. Like the others she played the dutiful ‘50’s housewife by letting her husband be the breadwinner while she stayed at home, but Lucy was never quite content with this role. She was always engaged in lamebrain schemes to break out of this humdrum existence, often invading her husband’s occupation in embarrassing ways. Lucy was constantly engaged in an ongoing contest of “one-upmanship” with Ricky. Ricky also stands out as different from many other notable sitcom husbands. For one, he was Hispanic, displaying a Latin charm, bravura, and machismo. Unlike Robert Young of “Father Knows Best” and Donna Reed’s “Alex” his occupation wasn’t a mainstream “respectable” job which would take him to the office. Ricky was in the more exotic entertainment business as a band leader and performer. Most notably different was the fact that the Ricardos were a fictional counterpart of a real life couple, Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. In many aspects fiction and reality coincided, particularly in their frequently tempestuous relationship and lifelong love for each other.”

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