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Through the Fence

Mauriana senses something isn’t quite right. It’s a gnawing little “itch” inside that seems to say she originated from someplace other than where she seems to be. The world her senses tell her about looks solid and real enough, And it offers a set of rules that provide survival and comfort if obeyed. They tell her this is the only home she knows, the only safety she can find. They tell her without this world she can touch, hear, taste, and smell she’s an outcast, homeless and afraid. But the tiny whisper in her heart tells her she’s forgotten where she came from, where she goes, and who she really is. Then one day she feels a gentle touch on her shoulder as if to turn her to look closer at this solid, reliable world she feels stuck in. And so she does. She looks in a different way than she’s ever looked before. And she notices something never before noticed. There is a fence around the outermost perimeter of her world, and there are gaps between the lines of this fence. She also sees she can fit herself through these openings! “But what about my friends still stuck inside?” she hears herself ask. Then she realizes that if she can get out she can get back in, and now she knows why she found the way out. She can come back and help her loved ones to the same freedom and unlimitedness  she found.

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