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Ursula Rubel

Ursula sits on a long bench at the art museum, contemplating a beautiful van gogh painting.

As she studies every brushstroke, memorizing every detail, she stands up and walks trancelike toward the masterpiece. As she reaches and touches the aged canvas, her fingernail accidentally flakes off some of the ancient paint. Panicked , she promptly returns to the bench and sits nervously. Keeping her head still, afraid to move, Ursula’s eyes look around nervously. She envisions being dragged away by a museum guard in handcuffs!

Ursula, herself being a thirty year fine art student, is totally mortified…. How could she have defaced a master painting of such value?!

With a tap on her shoulder, she turns in frozen fear! Ursula, while waiting for her luncheon companion, realizes she had been daydreaming……. Thank goodness!! Her transgression was all in her wild imagination.

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