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V People

On Valentine’s day, vain and virile Val Valentino first viewed a voluptuous and vivacious virgin vamp named Valerie Valdez and was quickly drawn into a vortex of vibrating passion. The vibes were vice versa and they vaulted into a voracious love affair. They vowed to wed and proceeded to move into a Victorian house in

Vancouver on Vanderbilt street. Their union produced volumes of offspring: Vicki, Vivian, Vincent, Viola, Violet, Velma, Vance, Victor, Vanessa, Veronica, Virginia, Val Jr. and Vaughn, but after Vaughn Val vowed to get a vasectomy. They all live a vegan lifestyle (with the exception of vintage vino and vodka.) They have two

vehicles: a Volkswagen van and a Volvo in which they vacationed in Venezuela last year. Versatile and verbal Val’s various vocations include valet, Viagra salesman, vacuum cleaner repairman, ventriloquist, and volunteer fireman. Volatile Valerie is a veteran violinist and veterinarian. The victorious vitality of their vibrant union is a testament to love’s veracity.

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