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When the Fat Lady Sings

Melody Hoyt can only be described as a grand soul. Everything about her is big and extreme. She is her own favorite topic and if Melody has actually done even half of what she professes in her fifty years, then she’s lived an amazing life! But behind the self mythologizing and what saves her from arrogance is the one thing no one can ignore: her huge heart. Her grandiose nature is accompanied by a magnanimous lovingness that draws everyone into her warm embrace of nurturing friendship. She is just as likely to help a stranger as an old friend and she is a constant source of comfort, well meaning advice, and motherly care. You can’t leave her apartment without something to eat ( which she obviously partakes of ) and before you can get out her door you;ll be treated to a song. Even more than food and camaraderie, her prime passion is music. Melody adores singing and envisions herself someday professionally performing opera in a high-class concert hall. The only problem is that her voice is somewhat reminiscent of a dying moose. No one has the heart to tell her and even if they did it would do nothing to discourage her indestructible drive to be a musical success story. She shows up every week at the local karaoke and has applied for the American Idol T.V. show. Maybe heart and intent is more important than talent.

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