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Winter Sisters

Prissy, Chastity, and Prudence are all now in their eighties. Having lived together their entire life, they have a remarkable bond, as if each were an aspect of one single person. After both parents passed away in an accident the oldest sister prudish Chastity [in the middle] assumed unspoken leadership of the three. She holds a tight moral rein. Frugal Prudence [on the right] is in charge of household finances and through shrewd investments has amassed considerable wealth for them. Pretty Prissy [on the left] was always the most attractive and only once invited an invasion of their closed circle. In her voluptuous seventies she indulged in a passionate fling with a dashing ninety year old hunk. Despite Chastity’s strong disapproval Prissy probably would have married her aged suitor but a few moments after their first carnal consummation he died of a heart attack. Since that tragic night the sisters have been inseparable. Even on trips to the downtown market you will see the trio pushing the same shopping cart. By now the women are resigned to their routine existence and consider themselves fortunate that they have each other.

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